Khaos 24
Khaos 24
Khaos 24

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Khaos 24

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Khaos 24 is the all-around Willpower Band for middleweight athletes. Whether you want to warm up before a training session or do a stand alone speed or stamina workout, the Khaos 24 will be your go to training tool for full body workouts.

Carry bag not included.


This is the original Willpower Band. Thus we named it after the Ancient Greek Khaos, the first thing to exist when the earth and sky separated. Still a favorite among early Willpower athletes who’d say when you get stronger, move faster, go harder you're gonna create chaos for your opponent.

At 24 LB of resistance,  it’s perfect for overloading takedown drills for grappling, bag conditioning for strikers, and plyometrics for every athlete. 

Like all Willpower Bands, the Khaos 24 is 15 feet long. Why so long? It’s built to give you the room to do resisted functional exercises the way you play.  

With our patent-pending lasso system you can connect the band to just about any part of your body without the need for extra attachments. No more hauling around a bag of crappy attachments for you to lose. Just one piece of equipment with hundreds of exercise options to workout your entire body.

Attach the middle of the band to a sturdy post, loop the ends around your waist, launch for the sky into your best broad jump and you’ll feel the pull of Khaos holding you to earth…for now.


24 LB at 100% stretch

36 LB at 200% stretch


All Willpower Bands are made from 100% latex and Kevlar cordage. If you have a latex allergy do NOT use Willpower Bands. 

Warning: This product is not intended for children. This product is dangerous when used incorrectly. Read all instructions before use. Please read the FAQ for product care and warnings