The best resistance bands

Short Guide to Getting the Best Resistance Bands for Your Needs

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There are a lot of resistance bands for sale on Amazon with 5 star reviews. It's a maze. We wrote this post to help you find the right resistance band to maximize your athletic performance.

Step 1: Find the Right Type of Resistance Bands

There are 4 types of resistance bands

1. Big Rubber Bands

 Big rubber bands

You see these at weightlifting gyms a lot. They look like a rubber band you’d use to hold a stack of cards. Except, they are huge. They’re often used as supplemental resistance for free weight movements and calisthenics. Rogue Fitness makes a set called Monster Bands.  We use them in our home to help all of us do better pull-ups. We're terrible at pull-ups.

2. Mini Rubber Bands

Mini Bands 

Mini rubber bands are often used for hip, knee, and shoulder stabilization. You put them around your ankles, knees, and wrists. Perform Better makes a set called Mini Bands. In our home, we use mini bands to build stabilizer muscles.

3. Most Resistance Bands 

Most resistance bands

Most resistance bands are used to replace common exercises you do on machine weights. They are typically light to medium weight. The ends come with a handle of some kind. You probably have a set somewhere collecting dust. There are lots of "companies" that make these "resistance bands." 

4. Long Resistance Bands

The Best Resistance Bands 

Willpower Bands fall into the long resistance bands category. Long resistance bands let you move in any direction with overload. You can literally move like you compete. This lets you both sport specific skills, strength and conditioning at the same time.

If you're looking to maximize your athletic potential, get a set of long resistance bands.

We’re biased for obvious reasons. We built Willpower Bands to be the most effective and versatile resistance bands for athletes looking to improve sport-specific skills, strength, speed, endurance, and stamina. Checkout out our Willpower Bands in sizes for every athlete