Leave no room for doubt

No matter what sport you love to do, you know you need both strong skills & a strong body. When your time is tight, can you really achieve both?

No matter the stage of your sports training, whether you are preparing for your first practice or competing for a world title, there's always more to do than you have time to commit to.

Athletes make tough calls. You try to balance technical skill building with strength, conditioning and recovery. You trade off time between training with your coaches and workout partners with a work schedule, family life, and the daily grind. You make decisions, knowing at the end of everyday, you have to address the doubt in your mind,

“Did I do everything I can to win?”

A revolution in sports specific strength and conditioning 

What if you could blend training real sports technique with strength, stamina, and speed optimized for your sport?

What if you could do this anywhere anytime, no need to go to the gym, no need for a partner?
What if you could train these attributes in the same way your body moves on the mat, cage or the track ?

Would this be a revolution to your training? There are athletes around the world just like you who are finding it is just that.

We're on a mission to build better athletes

Based in Brooklyn, NY, we’re a company of athletes, coaches and trainers dedicated to helping you be your best athlete wherever you are in your journey.

We do that by building:

Communities of like minded athletes and coaches dedicated to sharing their experiences.

Products proven to give you a competitive advantage, built to last with the best materials and the latest technology

All backed by a training systems that actually makes you better and more athletic at your sport.

This might sound to you like a daunting shift in how you approach your training. But here is the story of how we started and why every athlete who sees this system immediately buys a band and starts learning how to use them. They know it works just by watching someone work out with them. 

our history

COVID Shutdowns 2020

March 2020, COVID shutdown gyms and sports programs all over the country. Dedicated athletes still wanted to train. But there was a dearth of accessible training systems that you could trust to move the needle.

At the time, the founder of Willpower USA, Andrew Hunter,  was coaching at a wrestling club in south Brooklyn run by a 3x Olympian from the former Soviet Union. When gyms shut down, the club had to move practices outside to a local park.

If there was ever a sport that you’d think impossible to practice outside at a social distance, wrestling would be it.

Learning to train better with less

But the head coach was well-studied in the science and training methods developed by the Soviet Olympic machine that were decades ahead of the West. They proved quickly that you did not need a wrestling room or partners to train effectively. You needed a few key pieces of equipment that you could carry in your backpack and proven training methods that once learned you could do on your own.

Before long the club was training up to 50 athletes at a time in the park and not just wrestlers. The training regimens drew athletes from sports as diverse as boxing to track and field. The piece of equipment most effective at helping the athletes make gains was a World War II era resistance band. They were invented in Eastern Europe by athletes who had no gyms or partners to train with. After the war they were adopted and mastered by the Soviet Olympic training machine.

Evolving a World War II Technology

Soviet style resistance band training routines proved effective for a wide range of athletes. It didn’t matter if you were a boxer, wrestler, or a football player, you could strap into a set of bands and create resistance against movements common to your sport. So you’d build strength and conditioning specifically for your sport in a way that you could not with any other piece of equipment.

Soviet style bands were hard to find at the time. So, Coach Andrew started making his own and selling them out of the back of his car. Hundreds of bands sold and dozens of improvements later, the first Willpower Band was born.

As COVID restrictions were lifted and athletes returned to the old routines of their gyms, Willpower Bands remained a mainstay in their training regimens. Good sign that they should be brought to market. 

there are no good shortcuts

Build your Willpower

We won’t pretend that training with our systems is a shortcut to success.  There's no such thing. But we will tell you that you can stop wasting valuable training time with routines that only build one attribute when you can improve technique at the same time as multiple aspects of your strength and conditioning.

How you spend the time you save lands back with you. Perhaps you spar an extra hour with your best partner, play an extra match or hone a new skill. Perhaps you spend the saved time getting home in time to read your kids a story or to relax with your partner…..But Willpower will give you the choice.

Willpower is the discipline to sacrifice comfort for purpose. We can give you the tools to use and guidance to follow. But at the end of the day, you make the choice.

So, now what do I do?

Get familiar with what this system really offers you, buy a band, learn the basic routines and start training with WIllpower. Join our community and be part of the revolution in Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning!

Training with Willpower will change your performance level, your technical level and give you more time for the things you value most.