Why is Willpower Bands Training So Effective for Fight Sport Athletes?

Why is Willpower Bands Training So Effective for Fight Sport Athletes?

It's pretty simple. Willpower Bands gives you the freedom to train like you fight.
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You could be a professional fighter or weekend warrior.  If you want to perform better at your sport or just live better, you have to build 5 key athletic abilities.

  1. Coordination
  2. Endurance
  3. Strength
  4. Speed
  5. Stamina

Too often these abilities are trained in isolation. But that’s not how sports work and that’s not how we move in real life.

The Willpower Bands Training Method helps you master all 5 of these abilities the same way you compete in sports and the same way you really live your life- in full body movement. 

It's the simplest most effective piece of fitness equipment tool you’ll find for improving functional performance.

Unlike traditional weights, Willpower Bands give you the freedom to move in any direction under load. This challenges your body to perform in life-like scenarios giving you the opportunity to improve the core athletic abilities as they apply specifically to your sport. It all comes down to how you adjust the 3 Ts–Time, Tempo, and Tension.

  1. For developing coordination (i.e. mastering the movements of your sport) you start off with short time, long tempo and low tension
  2. For building endurance you want to increase the time and increase the tempo
  3. For increasing strength you want low time, medium tempo, and high tension
  4. For improving speed you need very low time, high tempo, and high tension 
  5. For building stamina you need to push all three: time tempo and tension

With 100s of possible full body exercises you can achieve everything from countering computer-slump to optimizing your sport specific athletic potential.

Did I mention that it fits in your bag? Yeah. Willpower Bands fit in your bag. If you’re looking to make real gains in your athletic performance, watch the video below. You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to use Willpower Bands to start maximizing your athletic potential.