Willpower Bands Sunrise Workout

Willpower Bands Sunrise Workout

Fight sport specific activation routine
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If you’re reading this then you probably bought a set of Willpower Bands because you want to perform better at your sport. We built our Sunrise Workout as a fight sport specific activation routine that benefits both the professional fighter and the everyday athlete. So everyone can benefit from mastering the movements in this routine. Here’s how 

All athletes learn to master a range of body movements and build sport specific conditioning like a mechanic tunes a race car. Fight sport athletes have the added challenge of mastering movements and conditioning for attack and self defense at the very limits of human stamina.

The Sunrise Workout can be used by anyone as a full body warm up before practice or as a stand alone endurance workout. We call it Sunrise because there’s no better time to activate the body than first thing in the morning. 

We filmed this routine with Robson Gracie, BJJ Blackbelt and pro fighter with Bellator MMA. The Sunrise Workout has 8 parts. Each part helps build a different ability that’s foundational to fight sports and an active daily life. Each part has a practical theme. 

  1. Want a stable core? Do Pallofs
  2. Reduce shoulder Injuries by increasing range of strength
  3. Got taken down? Stand back up
  4. When in doubt snap down
  5. When you're in trouble, escape
  6. Rotation strength means more power & less injuries
  7. Powerful legs = powerful performance
  8. Strong backs lift heavy things. Weak backs break

Over the course of the next month take this workout slow. Don’t worry about keeping pace. Master the movements first.  Then start testing your strength, speed and stamina by changing the time tempo and tension of the workout.

If you want to work on _______________

  • Endurance: Increase time
  • Speed: Increase tempo
  • Strength: Increase tension
  • Stamina: Increase time, tempo and tension.

Always check with your doctor before you start a new training program.

Ready? Find 15 feet of open space with a sturdy post to anchor your bands. Start the video below and move like you play. If you have any questions, post them in the comments. Our coaches will provide feedback. 


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