Stand up

When you get taken down, stand back up.

Lasso waist low anchor.png__PID:6c896d80-61cb-4622-92ca-2c45416641f4

1. Anchor your band to a sturdy post at waist height
2. Make the two band ends into 1 lasso and put it around your waist
3. Face away from teh anchor and tighten the loop as you step out to the first point fo tension

Stand Up.png__PID:c0d37427-86ab-46de-9501-e23dbd2249d6

1. Start in referee's position
2. When youhear the whistle, your head looks to the sky as your lead foot comes out
3. Secure hand control as you push back into a standing postion
(Advanced) Add a second band to mimick your opponents hands