Got Yourself in Trouble? Learn to Escape from Anywhere

Got Yourself in Trouble? Learn to Escape from Anywhere

Willpower Bands workout for building strong mobile hips to escape from anywhere in BJJ, Wrestling, Grappling and MMA

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A lot more people would compete in fight sports if they only ever had to attack their opponents. It’s the whole getting attacked part that keeps people on the sidelines. 

If you want a complete skill set for any grappling sport, you have to learn to escape and every good escape starts with quick mobile hips. This Willpower Bands escape workout routine takes 2 minutes to perform before practice. You will see benefits in your:

  • Escapes from the bottom position
  • Takedown defense, and
  • Scrambling from guard to neutral

Benefits of the Movements

This series has three movements, each addressing a common position in grappling: shot defense, bottom escapes, and guard escape. Here’s how each movement will benefit your grappling.

1. Hip Ups

When you’re on the ground defending a leg attack, hip ups create space for you to get out from under your attacker and back to a sprawl position. 

2. Sit Outs 

Sit outs are one of the most effective moves for any grappler escaping from the bottom position. Overloaded sit outs make you more explosive and resilient to attack.

3. Technical Stand Ups

Technical stand ups are common in jiu jitsu. This movement gets you from your back all the way back to neutral.

Ready to try this escape routine? Hit play below.

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