Want to hit harder with less injuries?

Want to hit harder with less injuries?

Build Rotation Strength throughout your back for Wrestling, BJJ, Boxing, and MMA

Got Yourself in Trouble? Learn to Escape from Anywhere Reading Want to hit harder with less injuries? 2 minutes

Little pop quiz: what part of the body is both a great source of strength and prone to injury?

If you said “My back,” you win a gold star. 

Whether you’re a wrestler hitting a high crotch or a boxer throwing a cross, your power is translated through the range of strength from your hips through your back into your shoulders and arms. The back is too often the weak link in the chain. So having a resilient back built strong through the entire range of rotation is going to give you both the benefit of a stronger strike and or shot as well as a reduced risk of injury.

Here is a 4 movement Willpower Bands routine to both build stronger striking power as well as reduce injury risk to the mid back. 

The Movements


Grinders warm up the front of the shoulders and biceps while challenging your mid and lower back to hold position 


Rows work the lats and arms to coordinate with a sturdy back

Uppercut Twists (Rotate)

This rotation movement initiated through an uppercut movement (think arm pass on a high crotch) initiates backside of the rotation that brings your lead arm into a shot. The back is now actively rotating the body.

Squat Punch Twist

The squat punch twist movement connects the power of the legs to the lead arm through full rotation

Ready to give it a try?

If this is your first time or if your back is feeling fragile, go slow. Build stability from the inside out here. 

Hit play on the video below.


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